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          噸包袋設計方案考慮幾大關鍵點 即存放性、應用性、密閉性.也要運送間距的近遠和運送頻次的是多少,主次指塑料編織袋、塑料編織袋的抗壓強度.設計方案時要包裝容量、盛載物份量和包裝企業數量.選用哪種運載工具和運送方法.

          The design scheme of ton bags considers several key points, namely, safety, storage, applicability and airproofness. It also considers the distance between transports and the frequency of transports. It mainly refers to the compressive strength of plastic woven bags and plastic woven bags. In the design scheme, the packaging capacity, the quantity of loaded materials and the number of packaging enterprises should be considered. Which kind of transportation tools and methods should be selected.


          In the family standard of plastic woven bags, the overall technical objectives of the base cloth and suspender vest of plastic woven bags are strictly standardized. From the perspective, it is understood that all the structures of plastic woven bags are bottom suspender structures.


          When the index reaches 1.6, the effective use of raw materials should be based on the customer's application standards. Effective preparation. The aging resistance of plastic products under the sun exposure can be the test results of current analogy concern, which are often met by the test results of plastic woven bags in the process of practical application system.

          塑料編織袋的應用性,在設計方案塑料編織袋時,,如提吊、運輸工具、裝車原材料作用等.另一個也要可否爲食品包裝材料,對所包食品類無毒性/危害.塑料編織袋的密閉性,包裝原材料不一樣,密封性規定不一樣 .

          The applicability of plastic woven bags, in the design of plastic woven bags, such as lifting, conveyance, the role of raw materials for loading, etc. Another is whether it is food packaging material, which is non-toxic/harmful to the food package. The sealing of plastic woven bags is different from that of packaging raw materials, and the sealing requirements are different. http://www.martinhollas.com.

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